A Simple Know-How On Hair Dyeing

Our hair is our crowning glory, This may be an old maxim but pure truth. So, it’s not surprising at all that we constantly find ways to play with it, so to speak. We have it cut and styled in the way we want it. Have it curled, dyed, ironed, even put chemicals on them. But with all these treatments and styling, do you really have more understanding on how they work and, more importantly, their effects on our hair? For instance, because we are so used to the routine of having it dyed, we might forget to think about dyed hair damage.

So, whether you’re thinking on having your hair dyed for the first time or have a long standing schedule with a salon for a regular hair color treatment, this is a good time to know more about its effects.

Hair color products uses chemicals like ammonia and peroxide in order to penetrate the hair and change its color. So, it can’t be helped that the treatment will cause dyed hair damage. It’s also noteworthy that a wrong peroxide level and constant hair treatments will lead to hair damage too. Of course, you have the option to use semi-permanent color treatment because they have less of these harmful chemicals. But, you will need to be exposed to more treatments than the permanent one. Basically, not good option, too.

Thus, what you can do now is to try and lessen dyed hair damage. Use deep conditioning mask before the treatment and after, too. The chemicals used will make your hair dry so condition your hair regularly to avoid breakage. Make sure to do this routine as long as needed. As a side note, before starting any hair color treatment, make sure that you had a patch test to check any allergic reaction.

Be more aware of your hair’s condition because it is your crowning glory.