9 Combat Boots for the Boss Babes

Combat boots are for when we want our bad girl side to shine. Whether that’s with heels, flat on the ground and in platforms, these shoes are guaranteed to command attention, so here are the best 9 combat boots for your inner bad girl.

1.Timberland Linden Woods Boot

Timberlands are the classic tough girl boot for the active girl, readying you for the great outdoors what with its water proof and highly durable fabric, comfy snug fit and in two gorgeous colors: black and tan. Grab a pair for $129.00.

2.Dr. Marten's 1460 Combat Boot

Tough and sturdy boots for the tough and sturdy girl. At $149.99 you get authentic black leather and fantastic rope tie design. Put your best foot forward and your attitude on display with some classic Dr. Marten's.

3.Crown Vintage Tatham Bootie

Leather, suede and comfy padding for behind the ankle comfort, these cool booties come in a nice off white and black fabric, checker marked shoe laces for a more tomboy feel for $59.99.

4.Crown Vintage Revival Bootie

Another gem from Crown Vintage gets you a higher rise and extra padding for warmth. At $49.99, get a great pair of combat boots for comfort, warmth and quality durability.

5.Dr. Marten's Combs Platform Combat Boot

Rugged boots for the rugged woman, these thick platform combat booties go for just $89.99. Whether you're going out for work or play, this is a pair that will last you. Get a pair now!

6.Guess Canaly Platform Combat Boot

Guess is no stranger to more rugged designs with their stylish platform combat bootie that features the classic belt buckle and metal shoelace clips, combining both style and ruggedness for just $59.99.

7.Steve Madden Troopa Combat Boot

For more rugged females who aren't shy about their hard work, this pair is the epitome of bossy. The authentic leather will provide comfort and warmth during life's most important missions. Grab a pair for $79.99.

8.Soul Naturalizer My Fave Combat Boot

Soul Neutralizer realizes that tough girls appreciate heels too. With the platform and high ankle style and the souls lined in brown leather, you don't have to sacrifice your feminine side for quality and durability. This pair is priced at $69.99.

9.Mia Mila Combat Boot

Sleek, stylish and in all black, $59.99 gets you the classic combat boot with no frills and no fuss. With a medium height heel and platforms, you get a pair of boots that can go anywhere and with anything.