5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Nail Art

World Cup of Nail Art

Nail art have has drawn the attention during years until becoming part of the world of fashion. This kind of art have become so popular that there is a World Cup of Nail Art. This competition takes place every year in Munich, Germany. Competitors can participate in the flat category or the 3D category. Each competitor has three hours to complete the work and every year there is a theme. This year, the theme is “Nail Art for Heroes and Villains”.

China created the first nail polish

Nail art is a very ancient practice which originated in China. In the beginning, nail polish was made mixing beeswax, gelatin, gum and other materials. Then, Chinese applied the substance and sat for hours until it was completely dry. Egyptians and Indians also practice nail art at the same time using an orange dye obtained from Henna plant. Around 1300 BC, certain nail polish colors like gold and silver symbolizes a high social status.

The big revolution

In the 1920s, Michelle Menard, a makeup artist, created polish for nail out of enamel used for cars. Menard worked for a company named “Charles Revson” which became into the famous “Revlon”. The use of pigments instead of dyes was a revolution which allowed the use of new colors and designs.

The dentist contribution

The first artificial nails were created by a dentist names Maxwell Lappe, the invention was called “Nu Nails”, a product especially created for nail biters. Oddly enough, another dentist called Fred Slack enhance the formula of Lappe and create the modern acrylic nails.

From the moon manicure to the manicure sculptures

One of the first art nail design to become popular is the “moon manicure”, this nail art consists in painting the middle of the nail while leaving the tip and cuticle bare. Afterwards, thousands of different styles have been created. Some nail art professionals use jewels and shiny objects to create unique ornamental artworks named “manicure sculptures”.