12 Most Luxurious Loafers and Flats

Most people wear loafers and flats to relaxed and easy going events or if their feet just can’t take anymore torture from high heels, but it’s a common misconception that loafers are just for everyday wear, as on this list are the 12 most luxurious loafers and flats.

1.Gucci Sylvie Loafer

This loafer has a modern spin on a contemporary design and because it's Gucci, you're getting top quality Italian materials that are resistant to the elements. Luxuriously supple leather with an irresistible shine and comfort. Grab a pair for $499.99.

2.Gucci Houdan 15 Platform Loafer

Who says loafers and flats can't have a little extra? A little height wouldn't bite with these sleek white and cream colored loafers with heels for $499.99. The gold chain detailing on top of the shoe with the square shaped piped toe adds to the all around luxurious feel.

3.Dolce Vita Cruze Loafer

For both work and your day off, these loafers are of the utmost quality. In addition to that, the snake skin lining perfectly compliments the suede in either taupe or stone. This is a fine pair for $79.99.

4.Gucci Brixton Loafer

A women's loafer that is completely in touch with your natural affinity for feminine colors and your love of cats. Enjoy the authentic brown leather bottoms made from materials in Italy. $599.99 brings you the ultimate girly loafer for a relaxed and luxurious day off.

5.London Rag Remee Loafer

These incredibly comfy and soft suede flats in the warmest beige tone or black with the most adorable bow on top is the epitome of comfort, leisure and grace in style. Your payment of only $29.99 will be worth it and more.

6.Crown Vintage Carla 2 Loafer

We all need some easy slip on loafers and flats with good styles, patters and designs. With Crown Vintage, you get both and more than a comfortable fit for $54.99. Pick your flavor with light brown, black or leopard print calf hair.

7.Kelly And Katie Fonzie Flat

Comfortable flats and a good fit for the everyday girl of varying patterns in pink, black and white chevron. Pick up a pair for $39.99.

8.Gucci Princetown Mule

Backless, easy to slip on with fun patterns of fruit with all the quality that comes with the Gucci name for $599.99.

9.Lucky Brand Adoura Flat

A more affordable but creatively designed flat for the simple girl that's on the go. Grab a pair for only $19.99.

10.Vionic Debbie Loafer

A square toed flat won't hurt your toes and is easy to wear for just $49.99. Colors vary from a sultry dark plum to a deep blue and red.

11.Gucci Princetown Mule

This is for the women that are extra on their off days. Authentic lamb wool and imported Italian materials for $749.99.

12.Anne Klein Vittorio Loafer

A more formal and professional spin on the laid back flat, shiny leather and intricate patterns are all there for the laid back professional woman that prioritizes comfort and the best fit. Prices start from $29.99.